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A letter from June Delph

To family and friends, from Paul's Mom.
Originally posted on 24 May 1996.

Magic Bus

It was big and black. It rolled (and rocked). It was the 24-track studio in Malibu, California, where much of A GOD THAT CAN DANCE was recorded. One detail here is hard to see on the web... the destination window above the windshield. It says: "Institute of Pain." Considering the task independent recording artists have before them, everyone who worked at Magic Bus knew that this was an appropriate (and funny) destination.

Getting a clear, focused shot of Paul working at the board was impossible. He danced as fast as the electrons he was shoving through all those wires.

Could it be because they are about to consume an obscene quantity of Cajun shrimp and then sing piano bar standards? From left to right: Paul and his partner Billy, Kingfisher, and Chuck Wild. I took this snapshot at Paul and Billy's place in Santa Monica around 1991.

Dwarfed by the padded interior of Magic Bus, Paul and I mix a tune. I was saying something sarcastic. Paul was being patient with me. We were mixing a song I wrote called The Iron Fist in the Velvet Glove. Henry Lewy - who produced many of Joni Mitchell's great recordings - produced this tack and has rarely been properly thanked until now. This is the only photo I have of Paul and me working together.

This image was donated to the site by Paul's friend and fan, Mark Katz. I hope to post more info about it.